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The Esports Recap - July 31, 2023

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

It's a new week and that means another esports recap and boy oh boy, last week was jam packed with awesome stuff. Since there is so much to talk about we will run through each of these items pretty quickly, so strap in!

League of Legends

LCS Summer 2023 Playoff Bracket

Let's start with League of Legends. The Summer LCS Split's first playoff week has concluded with a couple absolute banger matches. The first match was Evil Geniuses vs TSM. TSM put up an incredible performance but ultimately fell to EG 3-2. The other match was Team Liquid vs NRG, and this one was full of surprises. TL take the first game in a very convincing fashion, but NRG would not go quietly, as they rallied back hard to take the next 3 games with pure dominance. These games were incredible, so I would highly recommend going back and watching them over on the LoL Esports replay YouTube channel.

Above we have the current bracket after the first two matches. The lower bracket matches will be happening first, with Dignitas taking on TSM on Thursday, and 100 Thieves battling against Team Liquid on Friday. One thing to note is that for those two matches, who ever loses their matches will be out of playoffs. As for our predictions, I'm going to guess that TSM beats Dig in Thursday's match.

Friday's match is harder to call. I'm a big fan of both of these teams, but I think that 100T have a very real chance to win. Team Liquid has been throwing some very winnable games and their loss against NRG last week has to put a damper on the morale.

For the upper bracket matches, my predictions is that Golden Guardians will take down NRG. Yes, NRG has been having quite the comeback story towards the end of the split, but I think that Golden Guardians are on another level. As for Evil Geniuses vs Cloud9, I fully expect that Cloud9 will come out ahead and take that series. EG are playing well so it's definitely closer than GG vs NRG, but I think C9 takes this one.

League of Legends NA Challengers Finals bracket

The other really cool thing happening is the fact that in the North American Challengers League, Disguised Toast's team, DSG, has maid their way to the Challenger's Finals LAN, beating the Cincinnati Fear in a reverse sweep. This is HUGE because this is DSG's first split in Challengers, and this is the first Content Creator created team to ever participate in Challengers. Definitely go back and watch this series, because it was absolutely incredible.

StarCraft II

GSL Code S Round of 4 graphic

In the world of StarCraft II, the Round of 4 and Finals of the GSL Code S happened a last week and it was quite exciting. The first match of Dark vs GuMiho was super volatile. Dark came out the gates swinging and ended the series in under 30 minutes in a clean 3-0.

Maru vs Cure on the other hand was not quick. The series was very back and forth, intense and drawn out. In the end, Maru came out on top taking the series 3-2. The finals couldn't have been more iconic. These two titans have faced off countless times. The games between these two are always a treat, and this series was no different. The series ended up going to six games, with Maru claiming his 7th GSL Code S title and solidifying himself as the GOAT of StarCraft 2.

These matches were spectacular if you love StarCraft, so be sure to head over the the AfreecaTV YouTube channel to check these out.


In the world of CS:GO, the big news is that IEM Cologne is happening right now! It started with play ins last week (which are finishing up this week), and will head into the group stages starting on Friday. At the moment, here are the teams that are currently in the group stages.

  • G2 Esports

  • FaZe Clan

  • Team Vitality

  • Ence

  • Heroic

  • Cloud9

  • NAVI

  • Gamer Legion

Eight more teams need to make it through play ins to make it to group stages, so we'll have to see how that shakes up. Be sure to keep an eye on the streams.

Project L

Picture of Ekko and Ahri in Project L

The last really cool thing that happened last week that we're going to talk about is that Riot Games, as well as a bunch of YouTubers have released new information about Project L. The game is a tag-team fighting game, but it's now a "coop" fighting game, where two players can be on a team, with each person controlling one of the characters.

The new dev blog and content showed three playable characters so far, Ahri, Ekko and Darius, and we got to see just how the game will play and it looks intense. If you're going to be at EVO, there will be a playable demo of the game with a fourth character. They didn't say who it'd be but the only characters we know for sure that are in the game that aren't shown here are Jinx, Katarina and Illaoi.

If you're interested in the game and haven't seen this yet, give it a watch! Also check out some of the amazing content out there for those who got to fly out to Riot's studios to check the game out firsthand.

And that's it for the week folks! Be sure to head over to our Discord and drop your predictions for any of the events that are still going on, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on how Project L is looking and who you want to see added to the roster.

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