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Top 5 Hearthstone Standard decks - TITANS

We're two weeks into the brand new Hearthstone expansion, TITANS, and the meta has developed quite a bit. With all the new cards, many of the decks in Standard got some love, and so we're going to talk about the top 5 decks for Standard that you should be playing in Hearthstone.

We're not going to have a deck for every class, but there will be five different classes represented here. We'll show a deck list, as well as a small breakdown of each deck so you know what to expect. At the end of each section will be a dropdown with a copy code that you can use to import the deck into the game if you want to see what you have for it. With that being said, let's get into it!

5. Blood Death Knight

The first deck I want to talk about is the Blood Death Knight. This deck is a wild control deck that looks to play the attrition game. It's leverages a lot of removal and healing spells to survive the early game, and kills your opponent's board multiple times over. It finishes with heavy hitters like Alexandros Mograine, Patchwork, and the Primus. You might see a lot of Plague DK running around, and it is a very popular and strong deck, but this deck has the staying power to compete against some of the other decks on this list.

Blood Death Knight Import

4. Drum Druid

Next up on the list is Drum Druid. This is a combo deck of sorts which focuses on summoning Treants. It also has some "Choose One" type cards like Drum Circle, and a couple cards to allow you to have both choices. This results in a massive board of beefy Treants with Taunt that make it near impossible for your opponent to break through. And if they do happen to, you can do it all again.

Drum Druid Import

3. Thaddius Warlock

Third up on our list is Thaddius Warlock. This deck is a control and combo deck wrapped up in one. The goal is to summon Thaddius, Monstrosity as early as turn 6. Thaddius is an 11/11 with Taunt and alternates making your odd spells cost 1 on one turn, and even spells cost 1 the next. You finish it up by slamming some huge threats at a massive discount to overwhelm your opponent. If you've played Cube Lock in the past, this may feel right at home.

If you're reading this before the release of patch 27.2, then the deck list here and description of Thaddius is accurate. Blizzard announced recently that Thaddius is going to be nerfed a bit, rather than reducing your spells cost "to" 1, it reduces the cost by 4. This definitely slows down the deck post Thaddius, but if you can get Thaddius down for a turn early or later, you can make some very impactful plays afterwards. Stay tuned if the deck list updates any, then we'll update that here.

Thaddius Lock Import

2. Pure Paladin

Number 2 on our list is Pure Paladin. This deck is an aggressive tempo style deck that wants to utilize Silver Hand Recruits to trade out the board, and eventually drop some huge legendaries and Lightray to make an insurmountable board. The reason this is called Pure Paladin is because there are zero neutral cards, they're all Paladin cards. Aside from this deck being one of the strongest in the format, it's very easy to put together if you haven't picked your free deck that the game gives you. The Paladin deck that the game gives you has 95% of the cards needed, you're only missing one of the legendary creatures, Amitus, the Peacekeeper, and there are versions that don't even play it.

Pure Paladin Import

1. Hound Hunter

Finally, the best deck that we'd recommend that you play is Hound Hunter. This is the best deck in the format, and is a tempo / midrange deck that starts with 35 life and 40 cards in deck, thanks to Prince Renathal. It grinds out the early game with secrets and Dormant Wildseeds. Once it hits turn 7, you ideally slam Lor'Themar Theron, and combo kill your opponent with a Turn 10 Faithful Companions, or a Mukla + Always a Bigger Jormungar. Now you may be thinking, "that's a lot of legendaries". You also have a ton of sustain with Hollow Hound.

Well, a lot of these legendaries are a part of the core card pool, so you should have access to them. And just like the Paladin deck, the free Hunter deck has a lot of the needed cards for this deck as well.

Like Thaddius, two cards in this deck are getting nerfed. Costumed Singer is losing 1 attack, and Hollow Hound is going to 4 health, down from 6. These nerfs are a bit less impactful than the Thaddius nerf. Costumed Singer is often traded out in the early game after drawing a secret or two. The Hound nerf hurts a bit, but it still fulfills its duty as a board clear and sustain tool. I'd wager this deck will still be great after these nerfs, maybe not as entirely oppressive, but still in the running.

Hound Hunter Import

And that's all there is to it! There are other decks that are good for the other 6 classes, so if you don't like these classes, then you still have options. But these are the best decks to choose if your goal is to climb the ladder. If you're playing Standard right now, let us know in our Discord what deck you're using and why you like it!

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