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The BHOP Dance Crew

Twans dance player profile picture

Crew Captain Anthony “Twans” Damiani, a veteran of the dance game community, is a professional Dance Game player for BHOP Esports. Twans developed a passion for Dance Games at the age of 12 playing DDR on his Playstation 2.  Later on with the release of DDR Ace in the US, Twans set out to conquer tracks, putting up incredible scores.  He currently sits at the top ranks of StepManiaX, the Dance Game of choice at BHOP.  “I've always been interested in esports and have played for various online teams," says Twans.  "I've enjoyed the competitive nature of games, getting to high ranks in SC2, LoL, CS:GO, WoW, HearthStone, and Apex Legends.  It's a dream to now join the professional roster for BHOP Esports to compete in Dance Games.”

Psychodellic player standing in front of DDR Extreme cabinet
Psychodellic player dance games
Psychodellic player dance games

Odell “psychodellic” Andrews II, artist and rhythm game enthusiast, joins the BHOP Esports team as a Professional Dance Game player! Here is what he had to say on how he got into dance games:

“I remember leaving Round1 one night with some friends and I saw a someone playing doubles on an Ace machine. My jaw dropped. I knew from that day forward dance games would be a part of my life. I am not much of a competitive guy, but I feel a more competitive scene can help improve my skills. BHOP is in such a fortunate spot to have a variety of set ups to help test the waters. I am honored to be apart of this team [bows].”

- Odell on how a quarantine hobby became a deep exploration into the world of dance games and showing others what makes these games so fun

Odell currently is climbing the ranks of StepmaniaX, DDR Extreme, and ITG, all of which are cabinets located in BHOP's Dance Lounge. Off the pads, Odell helps teach newer players the game as well as being a popular variety streamer, chart maker, and artist within the community.

Psychodellic player dance games
Niel dance player dance games

My name is Neil, I am fairly new to the ITG scene. You can always find me on a cab somewhere! My love for SMX and other rythem dance games started when I met Odell and watched him play. I thought it looked really cool and immediately learned through Odell to improve. Along the way I have met many of my friends today! The best part about it all is that I'm always improving!!

Neil "Zprxty" Vasquez


Name: Ruben Marquez


Gamertag: Riceball


I first got into dance games with the release of DDR Ace. Later a friend persuaded me to try PIU with them, and that's when my love for it ignited. What began as casual play swiftly turned into a passion. Before I knew it, I was dedicating time to practicing doubles and conquering some of the game's most stamina-demanding songs. Staying physically fit while having fun gaming still feels surreal. BHOP is a gem where I've made many friends. Having a dedicated space to practice PIU, ITG, SMX, and DDR with the community feels like a dream. Being a part of the team is truly an honor!

riceball Pump It Up player dance games player
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