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The Esports Recap - July 24, 2023

Another wild week in esports means another BHOP Esports recap! Last Monday, we talked about a few major tournaments happening in the world of esports, Week 5 the LCS Summer split, and the the round of 8 of season 2 of the GSL Code S. Well, those events did not disappoint, so let's not delay and dive right in.

LCS Summer split 2023 -Week 6

Final standings of LCS Summer 2023

To kick things off, let's recap week 6 of the LCS Summer split. Week 6 was a crucial week for many of the teams in the LCS, as it was the final week of regulation play, and while the standings heading into week 6 didn't look all too different, there were scenarios where FlyQuest and Immortals could crack into the top 8 to make playoffs.

The week started off with the top of the pack really solidifying their place in the standings. This continued into the week with C9, Golden Guardians, and Evil geniuses taking their matches. The week ended with two tie breaker games. One was between Cloud9 and Golden Guardians for first and second place, where Cloud9 came out ahead. The other match was between Dignitas and 100 Thieves for seventh and eighth.

While Golden Guardians lost their match against C9, it was a very good limit test to see how well GG could fair against an uncapped C9. GG left up many of the favored meta picks for C9 to see if they could compete and dial in their picks and bans for playoffs.

Here is the playoff brackets for LCS after week 6. The upper bracket kicks everything off with TSM taking on Evil Geniuses on Thursday this week, and NRG battles Team Liquid on Friday. This losers of those matches will go down to the losers bracket to face Dignitas and 100 Thieves next week.

GSL Code S - Round of 8

The LCS wasn't the only banger tournament this week, as the round of 8 of the GSL also did not disappoint. Now last week, we put up a graphic that showed what the groups would be, but that was actually off. The groups had one person from each group in it, so that the matches were all new matches. Here were the actual groups for the round of 8.

Luckily our predictions worked out to that we predicted two people from each of these groups to advance anyways so it works. But let's get into the results.

Group A was considered a group of death, we couldn't fault you for picking any of these players to win the whole thing. Now nothing in life is guaranteed, even though Maru was expected to be out first in the group, but interestingly enough, he wasn't! The GuMi-GOD himself pulled out some insane builds against Maru to take him down quickly, and had an incredible set against Solar to advance first in the group!

Even though Maru didn't make it out first, he did manage to clutch up and take down both Byun and Solar in relatively quick fashion to make it out second in the group.

In group B, two of the fan favorites unfortunately fell, with TY not having a great showing, being consistently behind in tempo in nearly all of his games. Hero did play quite well overall, but he had to face down the other two ballers in the group, Cure and Dark, so it was a really tough fight. That being said, Cure makes it out of the group in dominating fashion and if he keeps playing like this, he very well could

take the title.

Dark also played very well this week, in a nice contrast to his round of 16 where he had a pretty shaky performance overall. He makes it out in second place. These games were incredible, and I highly recommend going back and watching the matches, which are available with the English cast on AfreecaTV's YouTube channel.

The Round of 4 Predictions

The Round of 4 and finals are all happening is happening on July 27th, 2023 at 4AM CST. Here's what the bracket will look like and our predictions.

In the first match, I counted both of these dudes out last week. That being said, I really would love to see GuMiho make another run at a GSL title. He's won it once before ages ago, and to see him come back from the military and dominate in the way that he is, I'm a GuMiho believer.

On the other side of the bracket, I think that Cure is playing out of his mind, but the Goat is the Goat for a reason, and I think that Maru is going to take the set, but it's going to be close, and to be honest it's really a toss up.

Now if these predictions play out and we have GuMiho and Maru in the finals, I'm on the GuMiho hype train and I think he takes the whole thing, and here's why I think so. First off, I believe that Maru is going to be studying the series that he lost to GuMiho in the round of 8 very closely to figure out what went wrong. But there's a pretty good chance that GuMiho never plays the same strategies against Maru in the finals. On top of that, Maru has significantly more high profile TvT's that GuMiho can study to find a path to victory. At the end of the day though, Maru is the goat and could just pull the series out of a hat and win, but my money is on GuMiho.

And that's is for the week! If you're following these esports, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the past week of games, and predictions heading into this week! Also, if you want us to cover any other higher profile esports events, drop us a comment in the Discord and let us know!

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