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The Esports Recap - July 10, 2023: LCS Shakeup

It's Monday so it's time to recap what happened in esports last week! The main event going on is the all of the League of Legends events for summer split, and we're going to talk about the LCS. This week had a handful of very important matches, as we are really starting to see who's pushing ahead to the top of the pack, and who is sinking to the bottom

We'll cover the week's games and detail the line up for this week along with our predictions for who we think is going to make moves this week.

NA LCS Matches July 5, 2023

Wednesday's matches kicked off with an important match for TSM as they took on Immortals. TSM started the week 3-6, and they were very close to sinking to the bottom of the standings. Luckily, they had a strong start taking on Immortals in a very close set.

Next up, another pretty important match, where 100T took on Flyquest. Flyquest had been on a bit of a hot streak the week prior, so all eyes were on them to see if they could perform. Unfortunately for them, 100T had their number, and 100T take the set pretty handily.

Next up was Dignitas vs Evil Geniuses. While Dig had been playing very well in the past weeks, EG also had been, and they came to play. What ended up being a very action packed and scrappy game ultimately ended in a stomp with EG taking the set.

Next up we had a Spring split finals rematch of Golden Guardians vs Cloud9. Everyone expected C9 to take this one home, but GG have been improving rapidly over the split and GG take down C9 in quite the dominating upset.

Lastly, we had NRG vs Team Liquid. The game started looking like we all expected, with Team Liquid being ahead, but in the last minutes of the game, something wild happened. NRG takes a favorable trade at baron, despite TL securing the buff, allowing NRG to walk up mid. They find a pick on Haeri, which snowballs a push into the base for a swift end and NRG take the win.

NA LCS Matches July 6, 2023

Thursday's matches yielded fairly expected results. Golden Guardians, C9, TSM, and Evil Geniuses all take their matches. Team Liquid's match was also expected, but they made a midweek roster change. Team Liquid switched out Haeri, who had been having some performance issues over the last couple weeks, with APA, who was their Challenger's League team midlander.

APA had literally less than 24 hours to scrim and prepare to play, and in his LCS debut, APA showed up in a big way. On his comfort Tristana pick in mid, which has been a popular pick in the LCS, APA put up some serious numbers with a 8/0/3 KDA. This was a pretty huge surprise, and left the question, is APA an S tier midlander, or was it the arguably easier match up into Immortals that let him put on a show?

NA LCS Matches July 7, 2023

Friday rolls around, and we have a few upsets, but first let's talk about Team Liquid and their match against 100T. Let's just say it wasn't actually close. APA pulls out a pocket pick in Ziggs mid. Ziggs isn't a champ that we see all too often, and when we do, it's flex to bot lane. But in the hands of APA, he made Ziggs mid look absolutely meta. While he didn't have quite the stats as his first game, he didn't die in this game either.

Now on to the other upsets, NRG dishes out an absolute STOMP on EG, which was a pretty big shock. The other big upset was that TSM finish out the week 3-0 with a win against Golden Guardians.

NA LCS Week 5 Predictions

Now, let's get into our predictions for this week. This is the second to last week of the split, so there's a lot on the line this week.

July 12, 2023

  • TSM vs Dig - TSM Win

  • EG vs GG - EG Win

  • FLY vs NRG - FLY Win

  • C9 vs TL - C9 Win

  • 100T vs IMT - 100T win

Wednesday's games are actually ones that have quite a few 50/50s. TSM and Dig is a toss up. TSM has been on the rise with Insanity being a key midlane carry. At the same time, Dignitas has reportedly swapped out Diamond in support for Poome, so we'll see how he does, but this could go either way. EG vs GG could go either way as well. EG is considered one of the top teams right now, but GG is on a tear and have a lot to prove.

Flyquest vs NRG is a match that's actually very important for NRG. Flyquest is effectively out of the playoffs this split. The best that they could do is 9-9, and that's if they win out this week and next, which unfortunately isn't likely. So they could essentially ruin the placements over the next two weeks with anyone they play if they win. NRG is tied for 7th, and they arguably have a very hard remaining two weeks ahead.

The other match that's a bit of a toss up is C9 and TL. While 100T is a strong team, we have yet to see the mettle of APA be tested against a world class team in C9. If TL can hold their own and take a win here, they solidify themselves as true contenders in the LCS.

July 13, 2023

  • NRG vs Dig - Dig Win

  • Fly vs EG - EG Win

  • TSM vs TL - TL Win

  • C9 vs 100T - C9 Win

  • IMT vs GG - GG Win

This week isn't too controversial in picks. TSM has some real potential to make a stamp on the league and go out with a bang, but they have a bit of an uphill battle going against TL. The APA vs Insanity midlane match up is one that we're very excited to see.

July 14, 2023

  • TL vs FLY - TL Win

  • 100T vs TSM - TSM Win

  • GG vs NRG - GG Win

  • EG vs C9 - EG Win

  • Dig vs IMT - Dig Win

Friday's matches are important for the standings in the league overall. More than likely, we're expecting that 100T is going to squeak into playoffs in either 7th or 8th place. The EG vs C9 match is also very important because C9 has a match advantage against EG, so if they end up with a tied record, the head to head is going to matter.

This week is going to be a great week for LCS action. If you missed last week's games, definitely check out for the vods, and you can also catch all the action live there too. Let us know what your predictions are for this week over on Discord!

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