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An 18 year old unboxes one of the rarest CS:GO knives of all time

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

An 18 year old CS:GO player has just unboxed and sold one of the rarest knives that you can find in CS:GO. Steam user Yurr69 had come over to CS:GO from Valorant, and after only playing the game for a total of around 30 or so hours, hits the jackpot on a case opening.

Yurr had opened 1 of 9, non-duplicated "Karambit | Case Hardened" knives, with a pattern index of 387, in field-tested condition. While it isn't the lowest float for the knife, it's still incredibly rare. The most recent sale of one of these prior to Yurr's was around $100,000 and that was for a worse condition and it was duped. So Yurr's is definitely worth a lot more than that. A Factory New version of this knife would run $1.5 Million, and there's only one of those in existance.

Yurr69's Karambit | Case Hardened Blue Gem in CS:GO
Yurr69's Karambit | Case Hardened Blue Gem

For reference, the odds of opening a case and getting a knife in CS:GO is 1 in 400. Then you have percentage chance to open a Karambit. Then it has to be a case hardened finish. Then each weapon has 1000 patterns that it can roll with, and then you also have 5 conditions. Condition aside, hitting this is knife with this pattern is rarer than winning the lottery.

CS:GO skin enthusiast Ohnepixel contacted Yurr to congratulate him, and to Ohne's surprise, Yurr didn't exactly know what he had. He had gotten a ton of congratulatory messages, and so he knew that something was up, but Ohne essentially confirmed to him that this knife was worth between $150,000 to $200,000.

Fast forward a couple days, it has been reported that Yurr sold the knife for $169,000.

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