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An arcade, but with Gaming Computers, PlayStations, Xboxs, VR, Racing Sim, StepManiaX, and more!  Rates starting at $3/hr.  Terms and conditions apply.



Here at BHOP (bee-hop), we believe everyone has the profound ability to express themselves in unique ways.  Our mascot the flamingo represents the balance between work life and play life, the importance of community and belonging, socializing to let go of stressful situations, coming to terms with changes in your life, and new ideas and options that arise when you immerse yourself in the company of others.  BHOP is an internationally renown competitive esports organization and a video game community center safe-haven where many local gamers call home.

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Walk-in Rates

Birthday Party/Group Event walk-ins strictly prohibited.

Please visit to make a group reservation in-advance, thank you!

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122 Hawthorn Center Space 532, Vernon Hills IL 60061


Enter Hawthorn Mall via the AMC 12 entrance and follow the right wall past the bathrooms. The store is located at the end of food court next to JCPenney


*differs from mall hours

Sunday - Thursday:              11am - 8pm

Friday - Saturday:                 11am - 11pm

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BHOP Esports
Pro Teams


BHOP Esports is the proud home of competitive esports teams in Valorant, CS:GO, Super Smash  Bros. Ultimate, and Fighting Games. Our world-class players represent the North American region in international tournaments and are consistently championship contenders in domestic competitions. They are regarded as some of the best talents in the United States.

11hr day
Grand Final Scoreline:    0-6    10-12    15-13
Belong National Tournament 2022 Champions


Official Partner of BHOP Esports

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