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- Hawthorn Mall
- The Golf Lobby


BHOP Esports is a community center that sponsors esports teams, organizes competitions, hosts friendly communities, and unites global gamers.

Come experience the spirit of a passionate, welcoming community. Relax with friends, or take a day for yourself to unwind and recharge.  The BHOP Flamingo is all about the balance between work and play!

Lounge on our comfortable gaming chairs, experience our high-powered PCs, or take part in our dance competitions in our NEW
Dance Lounge! Join our Discord to keep up with events happening every week!

From the bottom of our hearts, welcome!

BHOP pro teams

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BHOP Esports is the proud home of competitive esports teams in Valorant, CounterStrike, Super Smash  Ultimate, and Fighting Games. Our world-class players represent the North American region in international tournaments and are consistently championship contenders in domestic competitions. They are regarded as some of the best talents in the United States.

Pro Teams
super smash
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fighting games

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Official Drink of BHOP Esports


First Asian-themed, alcohol alternative and mixer, health beverage infused with adaptogens. Created by Kevin Kreider from Netflix hit "Bling Empire", Sans is a "conversational beverage" that empowers and normalizes sober lifestyle to represent strength, health and confidence.

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