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Welcome Twans!

Anthony “Twans” Damiani, a veteran of the dance game community, is a professional Dance Game player for BHOP Esports. Twans developed a passion for Dance Games at the age of 12 playing DDR on his Playstation 2.  Later on with the release of DDR Ace in the US, Twans set out to conquer tracks, putting up incredible scores.  He currently sits at the top ranks of StepManiaX, the Dance Game of choice at BHOP.  “I've always been interested in esports and have played for various online teams," says Twans.  "I've enjoyed the competitive nature of games, getting to high ranks in SC2, LoL, CS:GO, WoW, HearthStone, and Apex Legends.  It's a dream to now join the professional roster for BHOP Esports to compete in Dance Games.”

StepManiaX flyer (1).gif
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